This pool was a MESS! It had been left off for about two years and the next door neighbour’s olive trees had been dropping leaves and fruit into it for all that time. The owner called us because she was selling the house had considered removing the pool but had been quoted $7000 to remove it.

Could we help?

This was the kind of gunk that we spent a couple of hours scooping out of the pool. It STANK!

So once the solids were scooped out it was vacuuming time. This was complicated a bit because the pool had a cartridge filter with no bypass valve so we had to use an external pump to vacuum the dead algae and fine solids to waste.

After a couple of vacuums and allowing the pool filtration system to do its’ thing we started to get on top of the situation.

Little by little.

Before you ask NO we didn’t just empty it out, shovel out the gunk and refill it (never a good idea to empty any pool as the weight of the water helps maintain structural integrity). Even with vacuuming water to waste and topping up we only replaced about a quarter of the total volume of the pool. The owner was ecstatic, saved thousands of dollars over the cost of removing the pool and the house sold within a couple of weeks.
This is an extreme case and most pools, even when they turn into soupy, frog ponds don’t need this amount of work.

Before our Full Clean service.

After our Full Clean service.